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Doctors Excuses?

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We all need a doctor excuse every now and again. Lets' face it, being in possession of a doctors excuse is often the only time an employer or educational institute will excuse an absence from work or school.

To most working Americans having to obtain a doctors excuse each time you miss work due to illness or the common cold seems ludicrous. We all get sick and feel under the weather.

How many of us can really afford to go to a doctor, sit in a waiting room for hours, shell out money for a co-pay (if you are fortunate enough to have insurance) just to get a doctor excuse so you can remain employed?

There are many websites offering printable doctors notes ready to assist you, but how do you know which sites offer the best products?  The answer is providing you with user reviews of printable doctors excuse websites!

Seeking a Printable Doctor's Excuse?

Why are so many obtaining printable doctors excuses from the web you may ask? Sometimes, the legitimately ill employee simply does not have the money to visit a doctor.

Co-pays have even gotten to the point where some find it hard to come up with money for doctor visits in addition to the cost of the medicine needed to recuperate.

Those calling in to work for unreasonable reasons and using illness as the excuse have made it hard for the employee who is genuinely ill to take a few days off.

There are however other reasons why employees take off work. Some of the reasons simply put will cause the employee to jeopardize their job or their performance evaluation. While illness is a legitimate reason for being absent, other reasons an employee takes off may not be excusable.

The Internet has made it possible for anyone needing a doctor's excuse to simply get them. Printable doctor notes are now available on the World Wide Web. Printable doctors excuses and their use come with a lot of legal and moral questions.

Many employers demand a doctor's excuse when an employee is absent from work. Should people be using doctors excuse notes to save their jobs if they are legitimately ill and can not afford to go to a doctor because their job doesn't provide them with health insurance?

The moral dilemma of a doctor excuse is generally a question best answered by individuals, but regardless of the moral question, the use of printable doctor excuses may violate the laws of the land. Different states have laws governing the proper use of doctor excuses. Some uses may be totally legal while other uses could land you in a whole slew of trouble.

In addition to work requirements, there are other reasons an individual may need a doctors excuse simply due to the fact that many employers only accept a doctors excuse as a valid reason for missing work. Often employers and many academic institutions will not excuse an absence otherwise.

Several minor injuries and maladies may cause a person to miss work or school, but few would seek the attention of a medical professional. Such occurrences include food poisoning, the death of a pet, strained muscle, insomnia, and dealing with a sick child just to name a few.

The sharp rise in the number of websites offering printable doctors excuses is a sad tribute to the state of health care in the USA and the lack of benefits including personal time off provided to the American worker. Until these problems are solved the existence of doctor's excuse websites will continue to thrive.