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Doctor's Excuse Reviews and Ratings

Doctors Excuse?

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Doctor's Excuse Searchers Look No Further

Are you searching for a doctor's excuse? Check out our site where you can read user reviews on websites offering printable doctors excuses. Don't fall for a scam - get the facts on printable doctor excuses. Check out the results of our doctor's excuse poll and see what website was voted #1 for a printable doctor's excuse. Just want to print out a doctors excuse? The best in the business has 4+ stars. See their review on the right side of the page.

Doctors Excuses are Popular!

Every day thousands of people look for novelty printable doctors excuses on the web. Pretty much everyone needs a doctors excuse at one time or another. Most people find themselves unable to attend work or school due to the common cold or other mild ailment at least once or twice a year. Sadly, many employers and schools will only excuse your absence if you have a doctors excuse. This leads people to search for printable doctor excuses on the web.

Resources for Obtaining a Doctors Excuse

There are many resources available on the web for obtaining a novelty doctor's excuse. One of the best places to start is this by doing some research of websites offering printable doctors excuses.

Some sites even have their own Facebook Page so you can become a fan! Two thumbs up to this site! If you do need a sick note, where should you go? Check out our ratings and decide for yourself.

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Simply the best doctor's excuse notes available according to our voters. This website gives you 30 doctors excuses plus some extras.

Other websites offering printable doctor's excuse notes only give you one doctors excuse. This is also the only website that provides you with free updates and a money back guarantee. Perhaps that's why they've been the top rated site for 3 years in a row.

Get your own virtual doctors office. It's expensive at over $75 a year, but the right choice for some.

Offering one doctors excuse note.

Offering four doctors excuse notes for $39.99.

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You Can't Always get to a Doctor

Many people can't afford to go to the doctor to obtain a written excuse every time they catch a cold. Plus there are a lot of other reasons you may have to miss work. Here are some basic examples of times people seek out printable doctors excuses.

Emotional distress caused by the loss of a petFood poisoningAllergic reactionSprained anklePhysical exhaustion

All of the above ailments could cause you to miss work or school, but a lot of people wouldn't seek the services of a doctor to cure these temporary ailments.

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The Health Insurance Dilemma

Millions of Americans don't' have health insurance, yet they are still required to produce a doctor's excuse after a period of absence. Without health insurance it's tough to visit a healthcare professional due to the high cost. It's completely unrealistic to expect employees to produce doctor's excuse notes when they are not provided with health insurance by their employers.

People who are fortunate enough to have healthcare coverage often cannot afford their deductible and/or co pays. Therefore, many people turn to websites offering printable doctor excuses to solve their absence dilemmas.

Printable Doctors Excuse?

Often times we need a doctor's excuse for work or school. If you have been thinking about getting a novelty doctors excuse, you should consider printable doctor excuses.

Now you may be wondering, what exactly are printable doctor excuses, where can I get a doctor's excuse and what websites offer the best printable doctors excuses? The answers to all your doctors excuse questions are revealed below. This website even allows you to compare all the websites that offer printable doctor excuses!

Printable doctor excuses are documents that can protect you from the results of missing work, or school. A doctor's excuse can be helpful for keeping track of absences, and can also be used to excuse a person from things like jury duty or court hearings. These are just a few of the reasons people seek out printable doctor excuses.

Doctor visits are expensive and many visits could become even more expensive, especially when it is just a cold or flu bug. Many people feel that a novelty doctor's excuse is a good way to avoid those absorbent doctor bills, save time, and give a reason for absences.

Who Else Uses Printable Doctor Excuses?

Disabled people use printable doctor excuses for medical reasons. Professionals often purchase novelty doctor excuses to ensure that they will not lose a job. Students use printable doctor excuses to provide an excuse, thereby assuring that their grades will remain high. These are just some of the people that purchase printable doctor excuses.

Whether a person has a busy schedule to keep, or a more relaxed pace, a novelty doctor's excuse may come in handy at a much needed time.

What are Fake Doctors Excuses & the Many Reasons Why People Use Them

The world has changed, and one change affecting us most is the need for documentation. This is why the sale of false doctors excuses and templates for doctors notes are at an all-time high. Do you need a day off from work? Well, bring a doctor's excuse or don’t expect them to pay you. Unfortunately, for many of us, the cost of an excuse from work is most of our wage, so the only practical alternative is a fake doctors excuse.

What are fake doctor excuses?

Fake doctor excuses are reproductions that look like the real thing. You can tailor them to your specific needs and then print them out or have the company ship the product to you. You also have the option of a blank doctors excuse or even a doctors excuse template. These provide the basis for any doctor excuses that you may need in the future.

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Are false excuse notes expensive?

No. In fact, you can find many free doctors excuses online that you can print out and use freely. However, most people will find that free doctor excuses are not specific enough for their needs. Fortunately, a custom doctors excuse note or excuse letter for school is relatively inexpensive. Keep in mind that you can instantly download doctors excuses from the web.

What are some uses for dr excuses?

1. Save time and money

The bottom line is that getting a drs excuse note is a substantial drain on our time and money. On the other hand, you can customize and print out free dr excuses in several minutes.

2. Practical jokes, pranks, and party gags

An authentic-looking excuse note can also be a valuable piece of an elaborate practical joke. Leave it out in the open of your dorm or office and see who takes the bait.

3. Smoker or bathroom relief

Employers are clamping down on smoke breaks, and in some cases bathroom breaks, in an effort to save money. With a free doctors excuse you can get that much-needed time to have a smoke or to use the bathroom as often as you need.

4. Paid sick days

Employers are also becoming more demanding when it comes to paid sick days. They often want an official excuse from work, but for many of us, that costs as much as we’d earn for that day.

5. Day off from school

Likewise, schools are clamping down on absent students, and if one is absent enough, the school can force them into a summer program. A fake doctors excuse lets you take that day off worry free.

6. Other benefits and responsibilities

You can find a doctor's excuse example for a wide range of less obvious scenarios too. Perhaps you need a note to prove attendance at an anger management class, or perhaps an organization is requiring a professional visit that you simply don’t need.

A doctors excuse note can be a useful and cost-effective tool when used the right way, and in many cases, the organization asking for the note has no legal right to request additional information. However, it’s important to note that inappropriate use of these notes can be illegal, so please employ common sense.